A 'Black Hole' Retreat

One thing needs to be clear right from the beginning... this is certainly NOT a 'touristy' laded tour opportunity... there are plenty of tours being held in Australia that will fit that category! Please, go to them and not to Sun Sea Earth Geo Tours !! No Prada for sale... no internet or even phone coverage in some of the areas we will be venturing into. In fact, a satellite phone needs to accompany some of the excursions because the areas have no cell / mobile phone coverage.

A Sun Sea Earth Geo Tour seeks to empower the clients to really escape the constant pounding that modern society dishes out.

Each day is an escape from the rat race... you can tuck away your 'smart' phones... and step away. At then end, you will return to your world more centered and certainly much more in tune with yourself.

The NSW Southcoast is one of those few places left where clients can really escape the punishing elements of modern life. Sun Sea Earth Geo Tours gives clients access to this protected area.