What is Geotourism?

The best way to define 'Geotourism' is to let the main drivers of the concept provide the definition...and that site can be found at The National Geographic Society's Center for Sustainable Destinations. Here, clients will find a comprehensive collection of information relating to Geotourism.

Sun Sea Earth Geo Tours adheres to these principles and guidelines in an attempt to move beyond the worthwhile ideas housed within the 'eco tour' construct, to embrace a region's sense of heritage and place. This area of the NSW coast is very rich in Aboriginal heritage, with Booderee National Park winning the 'Best Conservation of Cultural Heritage' category at the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2010, competing against tourism organisations from across the world.

Some video footage of the awards ceremony is found here @ greentravelguides.tv

An article from Australian Geographic magazine deals with the award in more detail.

More about the Booderee NP success story here.