Places and Locations

The tour takes place along the New South Wales coast between the Kiama in the north and Depot Beach in the south. This coastal stretch in particular is considered one of the most mild climates in the world (click here for the Australian Bureau of Meterology site for Jervis Bay). The water temperature fluctuates between 15-23 degrees throughout the year, with an average of over 300 days of sun and a plentiful 42 inches of rain. The result of this combination is a mild, lush region that is ideal for native tree and flora growth and dairy farming. The bucolic scenery is mixed with fantastic coastal views to produce one of the best natural environments in the world.

Central to the tour, discussed in detail here, is Jervis Bay, with its pristine, white sand beaches and fantastic coastal scenery and vegetation. Making up the south arm of Jervis Bay is Booderee National Park, discussed in more detail here.

The Southern Leg of the trip, discussed in detail here, stretches along the coastal area south of Bawley Point.


Still image archives of the entire region, taken by me on Fuji Velvia 50 film, are housed on the Image Archive link.